Building Inspection & Survey

Using methods of rope access, powered access lifts (cherry pickers or scissor lifts) or scaffold frames, we can comprehensively inspect your entire building, and provide you with a picture-annotated report showing all defects, with our expert opinions on the recommended remedial work required.

Our technicians are trained in identifying defects in:

  • Stone work, masonry, pointing and grouting.
  • Window condition.
  • Rainwater drainage features.
  • Roof slates.
  • Felt Roofs.
  • Chimneys and flues.
  • Spires and other church features.

We can also give clear indications of the risks presented by vegetation, redundant wall fixings and other hazards that are not so easily identified from the ground. Our building inspections have identified defects on buildings that could have resulted in serious injury or death by falling objects had it not been for our intervention.

Window inspection, Quayside, Dundee. Our client asked us to inspect the gaskets and seals on the windows on this building to assess their water-tightness to help them plan for future maintenance.

Masonry Inspection, House of Fraser, Oxford Street, London. This high profile retailer in London had a near-miss with falling stone from the building landing on the street. They called us in to inspect the whole building and remove any imminent risks. We later returned to protect the entire building with a masonry net to catch any potential falling masonry whilst the client arranges repair to the defects we identified.